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New Newgrounds Channel

2012-09-08 18:09:10 by tjthekingster

Hey guys. I have a new newgrounds channel.
Here's the link to the new channel. My old one (tjthekingster), will just be a abandoned account. That's all I have to say.

Hey guys, I am looking for a female singer (even if it's a brony singer, remake singer, etc.). I am doing a remake of the song, Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. You can be the first female featured singer for the remake song I'm doing. And you might wanna record with your recording software.

If You Need A Voice Actor

2012-08-24 19:31:00 by tjthekingster

Hello. I have decided to see if any animation users needs me for a voice acting video. If you need a voice actor. PM Me on newgrounds. I'm kinda nervous for some voice acting remakes myself, so I decided that if anybody needs a voice actor like me. You can PM me on newgrounds or email me on or let me know in the comments below. That's all for now.

Yep. I'm gonna be taking a 6 month hiatus. I'm gonna return on February 24, 2013. So, until then, no music for now for 6 months. Sorry :(

What is my dream job?

2012-08-10 09:21:20 by tjthekingster

Hey guys, you guys are wondering what my dream job is? Well, first, it isn't becoming a singer nor rapper (even though Iike making music) my real dream job is to become a famous NASCAR Driver. The reason is because I like being extreme. NASCAR isn't about race around in circles, it's about risk of injuries, life, etc. If any of you guys would root for me whenever I get to NASCAR, please lemme know in the comments.

Since barely people don't like that kind. I'm gonna make my voice deeper than the one I sung. I hope it would be a success.
That's all

Sorry for not posting any music for a while

2012-07-07 12:08:43 by tjthekingster

I'm sorry I hadn't been making any music lately. I've been busy with other stuff and my laziness as well. I hope to make or sing new songs or remake a song. But till then, Next music will be posted on July 9th, 2012. That's all for now.
PS: Next song will be rather God Bless the USA or Boot Scootin Boogie. God Bless the USA originally sung by Lee Greenwood and Boot Scootin Boogie originally sung by Brooks and Dunn. Though, I'm not exactly sure though.

So, you maybe wondering, why the hell I don't animate here on here? Well, due to the fact, I really takes long to animate, so instead. I do music. #bored.

RIP Edd Gould

2012-03-27 21:35:51 by tjthekingster

Hey guys, this is gonna be sad, but Edd Gould aka the man behind eddsworld passed away. He was 23 years old. Edd died of leukemia or White Cell Cancer. Edd Gould will be missed

Edd Gould

Here's a link

RIP Edd Gould